Corporate Responsibility

Reinhart is known for building and maintaining long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and other business partners. They are built on mutual trust, requiring that shareholders and staff are committed to the principles of honesty, reliability and professionalism.


The fluctuation of staff at Reinhart is very low, both at headquarters in Switzerland and in the various subsidiaries. Shareholders consider this a confirmation that employee conduct is on or above the comparable standards in the host countries.


As a truly global player we are active in many countries, some being difficult to operate in. We admit that as a trader who acts as an intermediary between customers and suppliers we may not  always  be  able  to  exercise  a  significant  influence  over  the  activities  of  others.  And sometimes we are confronted with conflicting requirements.  Yet this should not serve as an excuse to not being fully committed to good business conduct and good corporate citizenship in a global context. We always seek to honor internationally recognized principles and standards of good business conduct to the fullest extent possible.


We recognize that it is crucial not to live at the expense of future generations. We support all efforts to promote best practices throughout the value chain. Therefore we are a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) and the Fairtrade Labelling Organization International (FLO). We are further a partner in organizations which run various organic cotton projects.